Verifying build integrity

SHA256 checksum verification helps verify integrity of files you download. It helps identify if the downloaded file has been corrupted.

After you have downloaded Applications Manager binaries, you should ensure that its SHA256 checksum matches the one provided in the Applications Manager download pages.

Steps to verify SHA256 Checksum:

  1. Open command prompt with administrator privileges.
  2. Navigate to the directory in which the downloaded file exists.
  3. Based on the OS you are using, execute the command mentioned. (The sample output is mentioned below each command)
    • Windows:

      C:\Users\Downloads> CertUtil -hashfile ManageEngine_ApplicationsManager_64bit.exe SHA256
      SHA256 hash of ManageEngine_ApplicationsManager_64bit.exe:
      CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.

    • Linux:

      $> sha256sum ManageEngine_ApplicationsManager_64bit.bin
      $> fc8881646e23053ad42548782243af1ef8ae675d0386d5a8753041a7dbdf2e95 ManageEngine_ApplicationsManager_64bit.bin

    • MAC:

      $> shasum -a 256 ManageEngine_ApplicationsManager_64bit.exe
      $> 3a4a903b80f75618698c6ba66aca0b298ab861f75ae0b2322a661a593cae2a51 ManageEngine_ApplicationsManager_64bit.exe

  4. After executing the command, verify that the returned checksum value matches the SHA-256 value mentioned in the Applications Manager's download page. If the values do not match, download the file again and repeat this procedure.