Agent Installation Failure for Mac/Linux Computers


You are trying to install Endpoint Central Agent and the installation fails for computers using Mac/Linux operating system.


Agent installation might fail due to one or more reasons, they are :


Follow the steps mentioned below to complete agent installation.

Connection Failure

Endpoint Central is unable to reach the target computer to install the agent. This could be due to  "Host Not Reachable" or "Login Failure" error. To troubleshoot the error follow the steps given below,

  1. Ensure that SSH & SCP communication is enabled on the target computer. To know more, about establishing the SSH & SCP communication in Linux computers, you can refer to this:
    To establish SSH & SCP communication in Mac computers, goto System Preferences --> Sharing, enable File Sharing and Remote Login.
    Enabling SSH in mac computers
    This will enable SSH & SCP communication in Mac computers.
  2. By using the machine name in a Putty or SSH tool, ensure that you can remotely connect to the target computer from the server machine. If you are able to connect only using IP address but not machine name, you will need to re-configure the DNS resolution in your network.
  3. If you are able to connect to the machine via its name, but not able to login using any credentials, ensure that the credentials are valid and you have provided the same credentials in the Agent settings in Endpoint Central server.
  4. Ensure that the specified user has either root or sudo permission to access the target computer.
  5. If the specified user is root, go to the "Terminal" on the target comptuer and search for the conf file '/etc/ssh/sshd_config', ensure that the 'PermitRootLogin' is set as "yes". 

Push Failure

Endpoint Central is unable to push the agent to the target computer. This could be due to:

  1. User does not have permission to access the default home directory. To verify this, login using Putty or SSH via the specified user credentials and check if you are able to copy any files to the current directory (directory where you have logged in).
  2. Target computer has been disconnected during the process of pushing the agent 
  3. There is no sufficient disk space on the target computer.
If the problem still persists, you can contact Endpoint Central support with the below details
  • Error Screenshot
  • Target machine name where the installation failed
  • Server logs.
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