How to restore Endpoint Central Server file system?


Endpoint Central takes a backup of your database to prevent the loss of business-critical data. In case your hard disk crashes, you can use the last backup to restore all the required information. You cannot restore backup files from older versions of Endpoint Central to new versions directly. If tried, an error message Endpoint Central Server is not compatible will be displayed on screen.

This document provides steps for restoring your Endpoint Central setup when the server crashes or to restore backup files from an older version of Endpoint Central to its latest version. Refer this document for restoration of database under normal circumstances.


  • You should have a copy of at least one backup file created by Endpoint Central.
  • Endpoint Central server should be uninstalled. All the folders pertaining to the existing setup should be cleared.


Even before restoring the database, a few steps need to be carried out for initiating the restoration.

Note: If you are restoring backup from an older version of Endpoint Central, upgrade to the latest build.

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