Browser Security

Browser Security Dashboard

Restricting usage of unapproved browsers

Endpoint Central ensures only enterprise-approved browsers are installed and used on the devices thereby ensuring enterprise data is accessed only via authorized browser applications. You can choose to restrict the installation/usage of other browser or have the specified browser application installed silently on either mobile devices or workstations/servers. You can also pre-configure the browser to ensure its ready for usage immediately on installation.

Managing extensions and add-ons

Browser extensions/add-ons while helping us elevate the usage of browsers also come up with their own set of problems as certain unauthorized extensions can be malicious or contain vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers. Similarly, certain extensions might affect the performance of the browsers while others can cause non-compliance. However, instead of simply disabling browser extensions, Endpoint Central lets you install approved extensions on browsers over-the-air without user intervention thereby ensuring productivity without compromising on security.

Lockdown browsers to specific websites

While browser-based attacks are becoming far too common in enterprises restricting the usage of browsers is next to impossible. The next best solution is to ensure that browsers are used to access only enterprise-approved websites/web services. Endpoint Central not only lets you lockdown the browser to specific websites but also gives you granular controls such as blocking specific browser features, such as the address bar, toolbar, and menus, preventing users from changing browser settings and even forcing browsers to open in full screen mode.

Isolate access to untrusted websites

Endpoint Central isolates users' web browsing from the underlying operating system by rendering web pages in a virtual machine, which prevents any malicious content from impacting the enterprise network. Browser Isolation is a very effective way to protect users from browser-based attacks, such as malware, phishing, and drive-by downloads. It is also a good way to protect enterprise data from being leaked to untrusted websites.

Java rules manager

While using Java enhances your browser capabilities, it also comes with its own set of security and functionality problems. Endpoint Central lets you block access to specific or all Java plugins, preventing usage of malicious Java plugins. You can also go in depth with controls such as restricting features such as applets, Java Web Start etc as well as configure Java security settings.

Comprehensive browser routing

In case of enterprises still using legacy web apps, accessing and working on it becomes a tedious process as these web apps might work only on certain browsers which might be the browser of preference for the employees. Browser Router allows IT administrators to redirect users from modern browsers to legacy browsers for specific websites.