The account is missing an active Red Hat subscription.


The scanning, download or deployment of Redhat patches fails with the error message - "The account is missing an active Red Hat subscription."


This error will be shown when:

The Red Hat account information provided does not have an active subscription to receive updates from the portal or when the subscription status is 'Unknown'.


You can resolve the issues as follows:

  1. If you are a beginner to Red Hat Enterprise patching, start by purchasing a Red Hat subscription.
  2. A Red Hat subscription gives you access to enterprise-ready software, updates, and information and support services that span your entire application infrastructure, life cycle, and architecture.

  3. To receive updates from the Red Hat portal, you need to have an active subscription. Ensure the Red Hat account provided has a subscription that is currently active to receive updates.
  4. Verify if the purchased subscription has recently expired. If yes, renew your subscription. Refer here for the renewal steps.
  5. Check the subscription status of the system by running the code: "sudo subscription-manager status" in the Linux terminal.
    • If the Red Hat Subscription status is 'Unknown', then it could be because your machine was registered when it was offline. If that's the case, refer to the steps here.
    • If the Red Hat Subscription Status is 'Insufficient', then it could be because you have subscribed a VM machine which was migrated. In that case, refer to the steps here.
    • If you still face a problem or the subscription status was neither of the above 2 cases, then try to detach/remove the subscription from the system. Then, again attach the subscription to the system. Refer to the steps here.

In case you are not able to troubleshoot the error, and the problem still persists, then contact the support team with the Log files.