Cybersecurity priorities of the Indian banking industry post pandemic

Gone are the days when burglary and robbery were the biggest threat to banks. With the majority of cyberattacks aiming to steal money, what better money stockpile to attack than banks?

The finance industry is targeted by cybercriminals 300 times more often than other industries. In today's range of threats, we need equipped and skilled technicians to stay one step ahead of these cybercriminals. Understanding the current posture of the Indian banking sector's cybersecurity will help you in keeping your institution immune to these cyberattacks.

Everything you need to know - In only 10 minutes!

Key topics included in this e-book:

  • Major IT threats faced today
  • Digital India's effect on banking industry's cybersecurity
  • The pandemic's effect on banking industry's cybersecurity
  • Indian goverment's response to growing cybercrime
  • 6 proven ways to stay immune to cyber incidents

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