PXE port is already in use


During deployment, you can see the error message 'PXE Port is already in use" on the screen when port 69 is used by some other service. 


To resolve this problem you have to kill the service that is using port 69 by following the steps given below,

  1. Finding the PID (process ID) of port 69.
    • Open command prompt and run the command "netstat -naop UDP | findStr "69" ".
    • Locate the PID in the last column.
  2. Finding the process running with the PID. 
    • Open Task Manager and go to the details tab.
    • Search for the PID in Task Manager and end the task associated with the PID.
  3. Starting ManageEngine OS Deployer PXE Server 
    • Open Windows applications and go to Services.
    • Start ManageEngine OS Deployer PXE server

Keywords: PID, Port 69, PXE server