Unexpected network error occurred


You can see the error message "Unexpected network error occurred" on the screen when you try to do the following:

  • During image creation
  • During deployment


  1. When an antivirus software / Windows firewall is blocking the file path or file transfer.
  2. When an image file has reached the size limit of 4 GB and is saved in the FAT32 file system.
  3. When the network connection is interrupted in the imaging machine or the image repository machine or the target computer where you are performing the deployment.


To resolve this problem, follow the steps given below:

Verify Antivirus/Firewall block

Go to the image repository machine. Check and ensure that the firewall/ antivirus is not blocking access to the share path and proceed with image creation/deployment.

Ensure that the network share drive is in NTFS File system instead of FAT32

Based on the OS image the file size can go beyond 4GB. Hence ensure that it is formatted with NTFS file system. If the format is in FAT32 file system, large files of more than 4 GB size cannot be saved as a single file.

Resolve network connection

  1. If the network connection has recovered from the error automatically, retry image creation. The deployment will get retried automatically on the target computer. 
  2. If the network connection hasn't recovered for while, check the connection & "Retry" image creation/ deployment. If it still doesn't work, create a new image and proceed with deployment. 

Keywords: Unexpected network error, image creation, network share.