Cannot connect to the ServiceDesk Plus/AssetExplorer server


You cannot connect to the ServiceDesk Plus/Asset Explorer server. The server-connectivity status, on the ServiceDesk Plus Settings page on the Web console of Endpoint Central is 'Not Reachable'.


You cannot connect to the ServiceDesk Plus/Asset Explorer server, because of one or many of the following reasons:

Server related issues:

  • Incorrect details about server
  • Lack of connectivity to the server because it has been shutdown

Network and Firewall related issues:

  • Lack of network connectivity between the  Endpoint Central server and the ServiceDesk Plus/Asset Explorer server
  • When a wrong product is selected while using HTTPS communication protocol
  • When the requisite ports are blocked by the firewall


You are required to identify the reason why you cannot connect to the ServiceDesk Plus/Asset Explorer server and follow the relevant resolution from the list given below:

Checking the details of the ServiceDesk Plus/Asset Explorer server

Ensure that the following details related to the server have been specified correctly:

  • Name or IP address of the server
  • Communication port numbers
  • Communication protocol

Endpoint Central uses this information to connect to the ServiceDesk Plus/Asset Explorer server. If you change any of the details mentioned above, make the change in the ServiceDesk Plus server settings section in the Web console of the Endpoint Central server.

Starting the ServiceDesk Plus/Asset Explorer server

Start the ServiceDesk Plus/Asset Explorer server service. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Click start
  2. Point to Programs>ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus/ManageEngine Asset Explorer
  3. Click ServiceDesk Plus/Asset Explorer Server

You have started the server service. You can also refresh the ServiceDesk Plus settings page on the web console of Endpoint Central.

Fixing network connectivity issues

In order to fix any network connectivity issues, you need to:  

  • Ensure there is no network connectivity problems between the Endpoint Central and the ServiceDesk Plus/Asset Explorer servers. 
  • Be able to ping the SDP installed server from the machine where Endpoint Central is installed. 

Configuring Firewall Rules

Configure the firewall rules in the respective servers to open the correct inbound and outbound ports for hassle free communication. You need to configure firewall rules in the machine where Endpoint Central is installed and the machine where the SDP is installed. If your SDP port's Telnet (of your Endpoint Central installed machine) fails, it may be due to specifying incorrect inbound or outbound ports. You need to open the SDP port and specify the correct inbound and outbound ports to ensure hassle-free communication.    

Applies to: Asset Integration, Software Deployment Integration, ServiceDesk Plus Integration, AssetExplorer Integration

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