Software Deployment failure - Access denied to deploy software


You get "Access is Denied" error during Software Installation.


You may encounter the "Access is Denied" error during Software Installation due to one or more of the following reasons:

  1. The file or path that hosts the installable does not have access privileges to all users (Everyone group).
  2. The user name specified in Run As option under Define Configuration does not have the required privileges.
  3. In a  Multi-Domain set up, if the Share is in one domain and the client trying to access the share is in another domain.


Check out the solution that is most appropriate to your environment.

For Single Domain

Check whether the network share has READ Access to Authenticated Users and Everyone group.  Else grant the necessary privileges.

If you have used 'Run As' option while installing the software, ensure that the user has necessary privileges to access the path, to install the software and create folders under "Program Files" in the client computer.

In case the above resolution does not work use the Copy folder/file options along with the Run As.


  1. The username and password used in the Run As field should have admin privileges and also have READ access to the share in case Everyone group does not have permissions.
  2.  To use the Copy folder/file options you will need to set the Root path for the particular package as follows:
    • Go to  Software Deployment and select Software Repository
    • Click the Edit icon corresponding to the package name
    •  Enable  Installer/Uninstaller settings under Advanced Options
    •  Ensure you have configured the EXE/MSI Root path correctly.

For Multi Domain/Workgroup

In case of Multi-Domain, use the http upload method to deploy software across domains/workgroups.

If you are using a common network share to store the software, you will have to provide user credentials to access the share. This is mandatory for accessing the share from a different domain or workgroup.

You can verify the share permissions by selecting the Software Deployment tab and clicking the Network Share link from the left pane. Ensure that you have selected the "Accessing the Share using Credential" option and provided a user credential

For Vista and above Client Machine (in case UAC is enabled)

In case you have specified the default Administrator UserName and Password in the Run As option and if the above two scenarios are not eventful, then contact support with the log files. Else try to install the software manually without silent switches by logging in as the user as specified in the Run As option and check whether the application is getting executed successfully. In case the application does not get deployed, there is likely to be an issue with the package; contact the Software Vendor to resolve. And in case the manual deployment is successful, then contact support with the following details for our research team to analyze and provide you a suitable fix.

  1. Log files from Endpoint Central Server.
  2. Log files from Endpoint Central Agent pertaining to the computer where installation has failed.
  3. The Software Package that you were trying to install.

More Information

Refer to this video for details on setting up the network share (the first part of it will show the steps to create a share - starts as 01:07 minutes)

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