A 7-step strategic roadmap to
ensure maximum Exchange security

A new set of security vulnerabilities have surfaced with the increased adoption of remote work. This has led to a surge in the number of IT and email-based attacks. Data theft and hacking techniques are becoming more sophisticated and tricky to crack. According to the State of Security report, an estimated 2 billion email addresses were compromised in 2019 alone—in a single data breach in fact*. This is why it's so essential to fortify and secure your Exchange environment at all costs.

While this may seem like a major challenge, it's not impossible. You simply need to take an organized approach to address every possible vulnerability and protect your Exchange environment from unexpected attacks. In this e-book, you'll find systematic and simple techniques to do so.

What does the e-book cover?

  • The recent surge in the email attacks—statistics and scenarios
  • A seven-step solution to fortify your Exchange environment
  • How Exchange Reporter Plus helps you perform these steps easily
* Source

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