Script Rule Engine

The script configuration is used to define the SNMP rules for trap or response and executes the corresponding action. This can be done in the following ways:

To create a new script, Click on the "Create New Script" button.

  • Match Criteria

    Specify the criteria for trap or response. All fields must match for executing the action. The three fields are,

  1. SNMP version (i.e. SNMPv1 or SNMPv2c or SNMPV3)
  2. Select any Snmp Message type (i.e. Traps or Response) and provide a values for respective fields
  3. Other Conditions (i.e. V1AgentAddress , OID & Value , Community , SenderAddress)
  • Select action to be executed. Actions can be either Script or Customized class.
Scripts :
  • Click on the Create button to create an action script for SNMP SET operation, Send Mail and Send SMS via serial modem gateway.
  • Load your action script file using import button (i.e python or bat file)
Custom Class :
  • Execute your own set of classes using Custom Class option.
  • Enter your custom class name in the text box.
  • Refer JavaDocs to create and compile a custom class.
  • Save the script by entering a file name.
  • Select the script from the Dashboard and Click OK button.

Now, the MibBrowser execute the action for matched criteria.