Re-install OS to remove virus

Step by Step guide to deploy OS on a virus ingested computer

In a bound up world, your network computers can contract a computer virus in numerous unpredictable ways. Whenever a computer virus attaches itself to a program, it initially remains dormant and slowly executes its code. This way, it can affect all the computers in the entire network, steal passwords, business critical information, log keystrokes, corrupt files and even take complete control over computers.

What happens if a computer is virus infected?

A malicious virus is designed with the intention to replicate relentlessly to affect your programs, delete files and folder, reformatting hard drives, basically hamper the way your network computer should operate.

How to get rid of computer viruses?

Though there are a number of tactical ways to arm yourself against the malicious threats such as investing on a powerful antivirus program, the question is what if one or many of your computers are virus ingested? OS Deployer lets you completely wipe the virus infected OS and redeploy OS on all the virus computers in just clicks.

The steps to be followed depends on how far your network is affected. Click on the scenario that best suits your environment, to know the steps in detail.

Note: Ensure you have identified all the virus affected computers in your network and shut them down. Also, if are new to OS deployer, download and execute the .exe in a computer that is not virus ingested.
Only a few computers in your network are virus ingested.
Few machines in your network including your OS Deployer server is affected.
All the machines in your network are affected.

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