What is zero-touch deployment?

Deploying OSs to multiple machines manually can be a tiresome process for any IT admin. Selecting the required OSs, configurations, user profiles, settings, applications, and drivers can pile up into a huge amount of work. Accelerate your OS deployment process with OS Deployer's zero-touch deployment feature. Deploy OSs to all the computers in your network with minimal effort and optimal efficiency.

How can zero-touch deployment help you?

Remote push

Deploy OSs to remote machines without physically interacting with them

Ease of deployment

Deploy OSs to multiple machines without booting them by using PXE or USBs

Less downtime

Maintain the productivity of your computers by reducing the time taken for OS deployment

Higher accuracy

Eliminate the need for manual work, thereby reducing the probability of errors in deployments

Seamless onboarding

Onboard new users with minimal effort by automating the OS deployment process


Minimize the costs incurred for deployment by pushing OSs to remote computers from a single location, thereby avoiding the need for on-premises IT staff

Improve productivity

Free up time for your technicians, allowing them to focus on more valuable tasks


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