A comprehensive guide on enterprise password sharing.

The dos, don'ts, and must-dos of password sharing.

Passwords are undoubtedly the prime targets of hackers today. Over time, cybercriminals have mustered a variety of ways to steal privileged passwords from employees and IT heads alike. The need to manage and safeguard privileged credentials is always on the rise, and it's imperative for IT teams to cultivate secure password practices.

The biggest obstacle in protecting privileged credentials is reckless password sharing among employees and external vendors. Even after witnessing numerous data breaches due to careless password management, many IT heads still disregard the harmful password sharing practices followed in their organizations.

This e-book provides you with a complete list of dangerous password sharing practices that can put your enterprise at risk, and the tactics you can adopt to prevent them from crippling your organization's IT security.

Key highlights of the e-book

  • An overview of common detrimental password sharing practices.
  • Expert tips on how to foster a secure password sharing culture-both at the employee and administrative level.
  • Details on how to use a password management tool to manage privileged passwords effectively.

Download a copy of this handbook to learn how to plug the password leaks in your organization right away.

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