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Empower your workforce and secure access to resources with password self-service, MFA, and SSO

April 22, 23, 24 and 25 11:30pm IST
1 hour Duration


Sreejith, Product expert

About the

Learn how to fast-track the user adoption of password self-service, implement password security best practices, enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for endpoints, and maximize the return on your ADSelfService Plus investment straight from our product expert.


Empowering users with password self-service and ensuring 100% adoption

  • Empower users to reset their passwords and unlock their accounts.
  • Set up OU- and group-based self-service policies.
  • Secure the password self-service process with MFA.
  • Ensure 100% adoption by forcing users to enroll or automatically enrolling them.
  • Notify remote users about their password expiration and let them update their cached credentials.
  • Audit end users’ password self-service actions with real-time audit reports and alerts.

Implementing MFA for endpoints and password security best practices

  • Enable MFA across network endpoints, including for Windows, macOS, Linux, cloud application, VPN, RDP, and Outlook Web Access logons.
  • Enable MFA for your offline workforce.
  • Trust browsers and devices to prevent frequent MFA prompts and enhance the user experience.
  • Enable conditional access based on context such as IP address, device, geolocation, or business hours.
  • Enforce a universal, group-based, or OU-based password policy for Active Directory and other enterprise applications.
  • Integrate ADSelfService Plus with the Have I Been Pwned service to prevent users from picking breached passwords.

Establishing one identity through password sync and SSO

  • Allow users to automatically log in to cloud applications without manually entering credentials every time.
  • Use existing Active Directory identities as the authentication source for logging in to cloud applications.
  • Eliminate password management hassles by enabling passwordless login.
  • Control single sign-on (SSO) for each app based on OUs and groups in Active Directory.
  • Automatically link Active Directory accounts with Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Google Workspace, and other enterprise applications for password synchronization.
  • Synchronize password changes in real time between Active Directory and Microsoft 365, and keep track of changes using built-in reports.

Customizing ADSelfService Plus and getting it enterprise-ready

  • Configure the important security settings required to protect ADSelfService Plus from security attacks.
  • Enable failover and secure gateway services.
  • Rebrand ADSelfService Plus to suit your requirements.
  • Prevent license waste by restricting inactive users.
  • Let users perform password reset using the mobile app.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Learn from the comfort of your workplace.
  • Get expert tips to resolve day-to-day IT problems. Explained with detailed walk-throughs.
  • Get instant assistance from product experts via live chat.
  • Take up our ManageEngine Certified Product Associate (MECPA) certification test at zero cost by attending all sessions in a series.

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