Password Sync Agent Installation


Password Synchronization allows end users to use a single identity, subject to a single password policy, across various systems and applications. ADSelfService Plus has a robust password synchronization technique that now supports even the native Windows password changes using the Password Sync Agent.

The Password Sync Agent, when installed on the domain controllers in your domain, intercepts native password changes (e.g.: password change via Ctrl+Alt+Del screen or password reset by admins in ADUC console), encrypts the new passwords, and automatically synchronizes them with multiple systems and applications.

How it works

Password Sync Agent Architecture


This section includes information about the prerequisites for installing the Password Sync Agent, followed by the installation steps, as well as guidance for making changes, and upgrading or reinstalling the Password Sync Agent.


Installation Steps

  1. Install the Password Sync Agent by running the ManageEnginePasswordSyncAgent.msi file with administrative privileges, i.e, Run as administrator. (Location: <installation_folder>\bin\ )
  2. In the installation wizard that appears, click Next. Select the Protocol (http or https) used in ADSelfService Plus.

    Folder Selection

  3. Enter the IP address and Port Number of the server on which ADSelfService Plus is installed.
  4. In the Access key field, paste the Access Key provided in the ADSelfService Plus portal. You can obtain the access key from Configuration→Administrative tools→GINA/Mac/Linux (Ctrl+Alt+Del)→Password Sync Agent Installation. Click Next.

    Server Details

  5. Once the installation is complete you must restart the domain controller for the agent to start working.
Note: By default, the password sync agent will be installed in the following location:
In 64-bit systems - C:\Program Files (x86)\ZOHO Corp\Password Sync Agent
In 32-bit systems - C:\Program Files\ZOHO Corp\Password Sync Agent

Making changes to the Password Sync Agent

The Password Sync Agent connects with ADSelfService Plus using the IP address, port number and access key details provided during installation. In the event that you have given incorrect details during installation, moved ADSelfService Plus to a new server, regenerated the access key, or updated any Password Policy Enforcer settings, then the changes must be reflected on the password sync agent for it to work properly. The details can be changed by following the steps given below:

  1. Right-click the Password Sync Agent icon on the System tray and select Edit Settings.
  2. The Edit Settings dialog box will open.

    Server Details

  3. Enter the Server Name / IP Address, Port Number, Access key and Protocol (HTTPS/HTTP).
  4. Note: If you enable or modify any password policy setting in the Password Policy Enforcer tab (Configuration> Self-Service> Password Policy Enforcer), simply right-click the Password Sync Agent icon on the System tray and select Edit Settings. Do not modify the field values and click Save.

  5. Click Save.
  6. The new details will be updated in the Password Sync Agent.
Note: Every time you regenerate the access key, make sure to update the new access key in the Password Sync Agent. In order to regenerate the access key, navigate to Configuration→Administrative tools→GINA/Mac/Linux (Ctrl+Alt+Del)→Password Sync Agent Installation and click Regenerate Access Key.

Upgrading or reinstalling the Password Sync Agent

To upgrade the Password Sync Agent to a newer version or to reinstall the agent on an existing machine, follow the steps listed below:

Note: Do not repair the Password Sync Agent directly using the new MSI file.


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