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Protect your SharePoint environment with real-time alerts

An enterprise-level SharePoint environment can branch out into numerous SharePoint objects, manifesting as a massive framework. This means that there's a huge possibility for a change made in the environment to slip past the administrator. This overlooked change could become a serious security threat. Thus, monitoring, auditing, and securing the SharePoint environment on a daily basis, while being a challenging task, is pivotal.

Real-time alerts to track security changes

SharePoint Manager Plus’s real-time alerting mechanism keeps administrators informed of the critical security changes made to the SharePoint environment, thus making audits easier. It also lets them define alert profiles for different SharePoint change events. These alerts can be viewed on the SharePoint Manager Plus alerting console, where they are categorized based on severity. This allows administrators to differentiate between an operational and a security-level change, so they can easily prioritize their workload.

The change events can be categorized as follows:

  • Critical events
  • Troublesome events
  • Attention-seeking events

With this real-time alert system in place, no crucial security change will go unnoticed. Whether the change adds or deletes a SharePoint group, grants permissions, or breaks inheritance permissions, administrators are notified. So the security of your SharePoint environment will never be compromised.

Real-time email notifications

SharePoint Manager Plus can also send instant email notifications to desired recipient(s) upon the trigger of any alert. The email provides exhaustive information including what change was made to which SharePoint object; when, where, and by whom the change was made; and the severity of the alert. This instantaneous email lets the administrator roll back any undesired security change made in the SharePoint environment.

Track security changes with real-time alerts.

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