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SharePoint Permission Management Tool

It's natural to struggle when it comes to managing user permissions with native SharePoint features. When additional data, users, and groups are added, it becomes even more difficult. If you're dealing with more than one SharePoint server or a hybrid environment, the complexity is amped up even further. But it doesn't have to be.

Effective and precise permission management

SharePoint Manager Plus , the SharePoint management, auditing, reporting, and monitoring component of AD360, our unified IAM solution, provides a single console to manage both on-premises and SharePoint Online permissions.

It also simplifies bulk and targeted SharePoint permission management, which reduces your manual work, thereby increasing operational efficiency and productivity.

Further, the Check Permissions report locates any privilege escalations, helping you prevent data breaches and seal security loopholes.

Add permissions - SharePoint permission management

Add permissions: Add targeted or bulk site collection permissions for specific users or groups in just a few clicks. You can also extend and apply permissions to sub-sites, lists, and document libraries for each particular site collection.

Remove permissions - SharePoint permission management

Remove permissions: Remove user or group permissions across a single or multiple site collections at once. You can also revoke any unique permissions assigned to specific sub-sites, lists, or document libraries for each particular site collection.

Copy or move permissions - SharePoint permission management

Copy permissions: Copy permissions for site collections, sub-sites, lists, document libraries, documents, and folders from one user or group to another in a simple, user-friendly interface.

Check permissions - permission management

Check permissions: Get complete visibility into your site collection permissions, including those assigned to specific users or groups, sub-sites, contents, and even permissions assigned directly or through SharePoint groups.

Effortlessly manage SharePoint permissions now.

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