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Automate SharePoint backup with SharePoint Manager Plus

SharePoint Manager Plus can help you automate and simplify the process of backing up your SharePoint resources. With native SharePoint tools, you can only take backups at the farm and site collections level; granular backup of individual sites is not possible. Additionally, backups can only be taken manually using SQL Server and PowerShell commands, which can be a challenge for many.

SharePoint Manager Plus simplifies SharePoint backups with the option to schedule backups at suitable intervals. This helps administrators conserve time and resources for other crucial tasks. Back up data can be restored at any time using SharePoint Manager Plus' intuitive interface.

SharePoint Manager Plus provides an option to back up individual sites instead of an entire site collection or farm to provide granularity and flexibility with what you're backing up and to save storage space as well.

Automated backup schedules

SharePoint administrators can create backup schedules set to run at convenient intervals that do not disrupt business operations. The status of the backups, time taken for backing up the data, and the storage space available can be monitored from the SharePoint Manager Plus interface. You can enable or disable the created schedules as well.

Backup history

With SharePoint Manager Plus, the history of all the data that has been backed up will be available in a single console. With this, you can meticulously track the versions in use. This feature will come in handy since files and documents undergo multiple revisions. Having the backup history will come in handy while restoring files and documents to an earlier version.

Restoring older versions

If you want to undo recent changes to SharePoint files or documents, SharePoint Manager Plus makes it easy! All you have to do is select the backed-up version you want, and click "Restore."

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