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Our main development center is in Chennai, India. If you are smart, ambitious, and have the appetite to learn new stuff and do what it takes, we have an opening for you. What we need is self-motivated and self-driven software developers. If you already known the technologies from Java to AJAX, from C to SQL, that's OK, but we don't expect you to. We take pride in our ability to train people. What we need from you is passion and a drive to excel.

Software Developer

The software engineer works with a product team and is closely involved in design, development, and testing of the product. As part of the development, the engineer has to gain a good understanding of the product and its use. The Software Engineer should be able to get a good grasp of new emerging technologies from Java to AJAX, from C to SQL and how they can be leveraged in the development of the product.

Apart from the above, the individual should be self-motivated, self-driven and committed, have the appetite to learn new technologies, and be a good team player. People who have excellent mathematical and analytical skills but who do not have good knowledge of the above technologies may also apply.

Sales Engineer / Technical Support Engineer

Do you want a change from writing test cases, typing code, writing reams of document. Here is an opportunity for you. We have openings for sales engineering positions. Sales engineering calls for the application of engineering knowledge to the sale of technical products. Sales Engineers will work closely with the sales team and help the sales team with customer engagements like showing demos, building POCs, troubleshooting customers' problems via web demos, answering support questions, etc. They retain their skills of engineering and use them in the area of sales. They act as a bridge between the customer and the engineering team. They play a vital role in product management by providing feedback to the Engineering team on the kinds of features that customers would love to see in the product.

Job Requirements/Qualifications

Sales Executive

Are you ready to join Zoho Corporation's high-energy sales team that sells cutting-edge technology products to enterprises the world over? We're looking for highly motivated and self-driven individuals who have excellent communication and listening skills. As has been with Zoho Corp., you'll treat the "customer as the king" and the "market as your heaven"! You have outstanding analytical abilities and planning skills. You are adept at giving customer demos and also fielding questions from prospects. Prior IT sales experience and call center experience would be an added advantage. Knowledge of network management will also work to your advantage.

You have a passion to work in a highly innovative and creative culture. Since we have customers across the globe, you should be willing to work nights.

Marketing Analyst

We are looking forward to recruiting a marketing analyst. The job requirements and qualifications include:

Channel Sales Executive

We are looking forward to recruiting a channel sales executive. The job requirements and qualifications include:

User Interface Designers

We are looking forward to recruiting designers who have sound knowledge of tools like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Style Sheets, Flash, HTML, and Java Script. The right candidate should have good color sense and good sense of usability. Knowledge of usability aspects will be highly appreciated.

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