Integrating CloudSpend with Site24x7

You can now easily integrate your CloudSpend account with Site24x7 to track your CloudSpend budgets in Site24x7 and to use the available notification options.

Why do you need this integration?

  • Integrate alarms to get notification in case of budget breaches.
  • Make use of the third-party services supported by Site24x7 to receive notifications through your preferred channel.
  • Enable IT automation supported by Site24x7 to automate manual tasks.

Use case

Consider that you have a cost account in CloudSpend with budgets configured in it. In case any threshold or budget amount breaches, you'll receive an alert. With this integration, you will be able to effectively manage those notifications with the Alarms option in Site24x7.

Moreover, once an alert is raised, you can use the IT automation options in Site24x7 to perform any action automatically in case of a breach. For instance, if you have an AWS EC2 instance that has to be turned off after reaching a budget threshold, you can do this by invoking a predefined automation. Additionally, you can share the alert-related or budget-related details within your team or with anyone else through a channel of your preference using the supported third-party integration options in Site24x7.

Enable the integration in CloudSpend

The option to integrate with Site24x7 is disabled by default. To enable it:

  1. Log in to CloudSpend.
  2. Navigate to Admin>General>Settings>Account Settings.
  3. Toggle the Integrate with Site24x7 option to Yes to enable integration.

Integrating in Site24x7

Once you enable the integration in CloudSpend, navigate to Site24x7 by clicking on the product switcher icon located at the top-left corner of the page. In the Site24x7 web client, navigate to CloudAWS>CloudSpend.

Integrating cost accounts

To integrate your cost accounts in CloudSpend with Site24x7:

  1. Select the Cost Accounts tab.
  2. In the new Cost Accounts page that opens, click +Add Account. You'll be redirected to CloudSpend.
  3. In the new Integrate Account page that opens, provide a Display Name of the account to be integrated.
  4. Select AWS as the Public Cloud Provider.
  5. Select Site24x7 Account as your Access Type.
  6. Select the Site24x7 account to be integrated with CloudSpend from the Choose Site24x7 Account drop-down.
  7. Enter the Role ARN.
  8. Choose the account you'd like to integrate with Site24x7. By integrating the account, you can view the account details under the Cloud tab and all the budget-related alarms in the Alarms tab. If you're a Site24x7 user, you will be able to acknowledge the alarms or assign the technician accordingly.
  9. Toggle the Integrate Billing and Cost Management option to Yes
  10. Select the Account Type.
  11. Enter the name of the report from AWS from which you'd like to obtain the bill details.
  12. Configure a date to start the bill processing process.
  13. Click Save to add the integration.

Within a few minutes, the integrated account will be listed under the Cost Accounts page in Site24x7.

For MSP Admin

For integration, there will be an MSP Customer drop-down right above the Choose Site24x7 Account drop-down. Upon selecting an MSP customer, AWS accounts associated with that customer will be filtered. Only one MSP customer can be selected at a time.

After adding the account using the drop-down, the cost account will get integrated to the respective MSP customer in Site24x7.

Integrating business units

To integrate your business units in CloudSpend with Site24x7:

  1. Select the Business Units tab.
  2. Click Configure Business Units.
  3. In the new Business Units page that opens, enter a Display Name.
  4. Select the accounts of your preference from the Accounts list.
  5. Select the associated tags.
  6. Click Save.

Within a few minutes, the business unit will be listed on the Business Units page in Site24x7 web client.

For MSP Admin

Once you select the the account to be integrated, the corresponding MSP customers will be auto-selected.

Integrating budgets

You can integrate budgets with Site24x7 while creating them or by editing your existing budgets.

Creating budgets

To create a new budget:

  1. Log in to CloudSpend.
  2. Navigate to Budget>Configure Budget.
  3. In the new page that opens, enter the Display Name for the new budget.
  4. Click Create Policy for the Budget Policy (if you're creating a budget for the first time, since budget policies are reusable across multiple budgets).
  5. In the Budget Policy dialog box, enter a display name for the new budget policy.
  6. Set the resource type that you want to associate with the new policy. The new budget policy created will appear as a child monitor under the respective section in the CloudSpend tab in Site24x7.
  7. Select the account for which you're creating the budget policy, or select the business unit for which you're creating the budget policy.
  8. Select the cost type based on which the budget for cloud cost is set.
  9. Pick the tags to be associated with the budget.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Select a specific period for the budget you're configuring.
  12. Select how you'd like to view your budgets, as an amount or a percentage, using Units.
  13. Set the Budget Value for your cloud cost. The budget value will either be an Amount or Percent depending on the unit chosen.
  14. Choose the mode through which you'd like to get notified. Choosing Users will help you receive the notifications related to your budgets in the email address associated with your account. Choosing Site24x7 will send you notifications through the User Alert Groups. If choosing to get notified via Site24x7, you can also choose the IT automation and third-party service of your choice as well.
  15. Click Save.

Once you save the budget, a corresponding monitor will be created in Site24x7. You can view it by navigating to Site24x7>AWS>CloudSpend.

For MSP Admin

While configuring the budget, you can pick specific notification modes for each of your customers.

Disabling the integration

You can disable an already existing integration by logging in to CloudSpend and navigating to Admin>General>Settings>Account Settings. Then, toggle the Integrate with Site24x7 option to No to disable integration.

After you disable the integration, you won't be able to view the integration-related details in the following pages in CloudSpend:

  • The account addition and update page.
  • The Business Unit addition and update page won't have the option to integrate the MSP Customers.
  • In the budget addition and update page, the Site24x7 alert options will not be displayed.

After disabling the integration, you won't be able to view the following integration-related details in Site24x7:

  • Previously raised budget-related alarms will be displayed under the Alarms tab. But the new budget alarms will not be listed.
  • The CloudSpend tab will not be available under Site24x7>Cloud>AWS.
  • The integrated CloudSpend accounts will not be displayed under Site24x7>Cloud>AWS>Your AWS Account>CloudSpend. But you'll be able to see the Integrate CloudSpend option.