Passionate artists, not professionals

We believe that building a product is an art and has to be done with taste. Any professional can bundle the components together and write code that works. Professionals do what's defined and decided, nothing more. Artists go beyond what is defined and finish it with taste and passion. It takes a passionate artist to create a lasting impression on people. And that's what we do at ManageEngine and other Zoho Corp. divisions.

Do what you love - no Monday morning blues or TGIFs

Every Zoho Corp. employee gets to work in their field of interest irrespective of their educational background. When you learn new things and love what you do, there is no need to define and clock work hours. Sometimes, if you get the Monday morning blues or have a TGIF feeling, it's time to move on to something you love more.

Freedom with accountability

Everyone at Zoho is given the freedom to make decisions on behalf of the company at different levels. We trust employees to make responsible decisions and be accountable for them.

Small team culture has the magic to win the world

Passionate, small teams have the magic to build the products that users love. We have retained the small team culture that helped us create winners from day one. In small teams, high productivity is the standard. Everyone is expected to dress comfortably and act sensibly. No dress codes or detailed workplace rules are being followed.

Free lunch and healthy snacks

Yes, there is a free lunch. And there are free snacks and fruits, too.

Zoho Fun Club

We take sports very seriously! Soccer is our rage; cricket is our religion.

Do, learn, and fail fast

There is always something new to learn from the experiments, new product ideas, and fun projects taking shape and taking place all around. We believe the best way to learn is from our own mistakes. This experience helps us know when we should try hard to win and when to fail fast and move on.