Custom Capabilities of Web NMS

WebNMS Framework is a proven, standards-based, highly extensible framework with a strong set of applications for delivering Element Management System (EMS) and Network Management System (NMS) solutions. It includes comprehensive mediation capabilities, with a broad set of northbound OSS interfaces, and a powerful set of development tools. As a mature and widely deployed product it helps deliver better management solutions with lower effort, time, cost, and risk.

All WebNMS Framework modules are customizable. The customization to build your own EMS/NMS application is speeded up using the Web NMS Studio. It provides the required tools to play, experiment, and develop a custom application in no time. You can also use our APIs to achieve the required customizations.

In addition to the development tools, complete documentation including Tutorials, API documentation, examples etc are also available.

Following is an example to plug-in your own module.

Step 1 :

Implement the com.adventnet.nms.util.RunProcessInterface

The com.adventnet.nms.util.RunProcessInterface defines various methods through which the Web NMS servers control the corresponding module. In effect, the implementation of com.adventnet.nms.util.RunProcessInterface becomes the main class (or the entry point) for your module within the Web NMS server.

Details about an example implementation for the RunProcessInterface are provided below.

Step 2 :

Make an entry in the NmsProcesses[BE/FE].conf file

Specify the fully qualified class name of your implementation of com.adventnet.nms.util.RunProcessInterface and the parameters to be passed to it in the NmsProcessesBE.conf or NmsProcessesFE.conf, to plug-in your module in the BE or FE server, respectively.

A typical entry made in the NmsProcessesBE.conf file is provided below for your reference.

#java com.adventnet.nms.tl1.NMSTAServer [TAS_PORT port] [APPLET_DIRECTORY applet_directory]

PROCESS com.adventnet.nms.tl1.NMSTAServer



Configuration Options

Specifying the modules and their parameters

To plug-in your module in the Web NMS servers, you need to make an entry in the NmsProcessesBE.conf / NmsProcessesFE.conf present in the <Web NMS HOME>/conf directory. You can also specify parameters in the configuration file, which will be passed as arguments to your module when it is started by the Web NMS server.

In the configuration file, the fully qualified class name of your implementation of com.adventnet.nms.util.RunProcessInterface should be specified against the keyword PROCESS and the parameters for the module have to be specified against the keyword ARGS.

The following is a typical entry in the conf file. NmsProcess is the implementation of com.adventnet.nms.util.RunProcessInterface which belongs to the test package. This module will take two parameters, TIMEOUT and RETRIES, with values 5 and 2 respectively.

PROCESS test.NmsProcess

Refer to the online help documentation providing more details on plugging-in your own module.