October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month: a time to raise and spread
awareness about cybersecurity and its importance.

Now more than ever, when cybercrime is on the rise, it's high time every
one of us is well-informed and equipped to ensure our cybersecurity is strong.

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  • Yes, this really happened!

    Check out some infamous global cybersecurity incidents from
    the last decade that led to unfortunate repercussions.

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    • Approximately 200,000 accounts were hacked, compromising the names, email addresses, and account numbers of North American customers. Bank officials stated that Social Security numbers, credit card codes, and expiration dates were not breached. Citi Bank, however, ordered new credit cards for 100,000 customers, absorbing about $2 million in damages.
      Source: https://mnge.it/2011bi Click to continue

    • Boleto Bancario, a Brazilian payment system, was affected by malware that manipulated the victim’s browser to route payments to accounts that were controlled by the attacker. The technique compromised $3.75 billion in payments within a two-year period using several different versions of malware.

      Source: https://mnge.it/2012ce Click to continue

    • Three banks were targeted by a Trojan that deleted data and disrupted ATMs, online banking, and mobile payments. After nearly six months of these attacks, it was said that this hack cost the country almost $650 million in economic damages. Some said that the incident was attributed to the DarkSeoul gang, a threat actor connected to the North Korean regime.

      Source: https://mnge.it/2013ce Click to continue

    • South Africa’s Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation spotted an insider attempt to attack the Gautrain Management Agency, which handles roads and transportation. The theft could have cost the agency up to R800 million. One of the criminals was identified as an employee who had installed programs to steal financial information.

      Source: https://mnge.it/2014ce Click to continue

    • This cyberattack on Ukraine's power grid led to power outages in western Ukraine and was the first successful attack on a power grid. This particular incident was caused by malware called Black Energy. In 2016, a similar attack was employed using even more complex malware known as Industroyer and cut off power to a fifth of Ukraine's capital.

      Source: https://mnge.it/2015zdn Click to continue

    • Hackers attempted to steal more than $1 billion from a Bangladeshi bank but could only get away with $81 million. It was later revealed that North Korean hackers were behind this. The attack had a huge impact on the banking sector, resulting in comprehensive security updates to SWIFT, the international transaction system for moving funds between different banks. SWIFT banned North Korea from its system at that time.

      Source: https://mnge.it/2016zdn Click to continue

    • Known as one of the worst ransom attacks ever, WannaCry infected an estimated 300,000 computer systems in just four days. The National Health Service in the UK was hit the hardest, with at least one-third of healthcare offices and services disrupted and over 19,000 appointments canceled, including surgeries. This cost the organization approximately $116.4 million.

      Source: https://mnge.it/2017nsh Click to continue

    • Hackers accessed confidential information from The Australian National University (ANU), including names, addresses, phone numbers, payroll information, and bank account details, dating as far back as 19 years.
      Multiple phishing campaigns were deployed, with each attack granting the attackers deeper levels of access. The breach was finally discovered by ANU in April 2019, and approximately 200,000 people were affected.

      Source: https://mnge.it/2018upg Click to continue

    • The security firm FireEye revealed that the data of 6.8 million patients from a healthcare website in India was stolen by cybercriminals. Many speculated that the hack was carried out by a Chinese hacker group called Fallensky519, and it was revealed that healthcare records were being sold on the dark web, some available for under $2,000.

      Source: https://mnge.it/2019cso Click to continue

    • One of the biggest media organizations in Germany fell prey to a ransomware attack. Approximately 6,000 computers were known to be infected, leading to a stop of work at the editorial offices and some of the printing houses of the company. The organization didn't comment on media reports claiming that the hackers had demanded a ransom to be paid in Bitcoin.

      Source: https://mnge.it/2020dw Click to continue

  • Cybercrime is constantly on the rise.
    Stay informed and mindful about the choices you make to protect yourself and your assets.

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