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    Audit cloud app usage

    Receive reports on all upload and download requests by users with details on when the attempt was initiated, to which app, and more.

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    Analyze web access trends

    Detect attempts to access low reputed and dangerous apps that are banned by your organization.

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    Internet filtering tool

    Use block lists to granularly block unsafe and unproductive cloud applications from being used within your organization.

  • Internet filtering solution

    Leverage allow lists and block lists to control which web apps can be accessed by employees, and restrict the use of unsanctioned apps.

  • Workforce productivity booster

    Block the use of social networking, live streaming, e-commerce, and entertainment websites to ensure optimal workforce productivity.

  • Cloud app usage analysis

    Know which cloud apps are most used, which users have the most upload and download requests, and other useful metrics.

  • Internet filtering software for schools

    Streamline compliance with the Childrens' Internet Protection Act by protecting students from unsafe or low reputed apps, shadow IT applications, and more.

Control the use of web applications by using cloud protection software.