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    Deep-dive dashboards

    Use our dashboards to identify the proportion of duplicate, stale, and non-business files in your storage space.

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    Schedule periodic scans

    Run quick and comprehensive scans on a regular basis during off-hours.

  • Find duplicate files

    Analyze thousands of files, and compare their file name, size, and last modification time to find duplicate copies using file deduplication software.

  • Windows file deduplication tool

    Depending on your organization's storage policy, you can choose to either move or purge duplicate files present across your file server environment.

  • Data deduplication solution

    Report on every copy of a file in a central location, and compare its location, ownership details, and more to find the master copy.

  • Other powerful features

    In addition to managing redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data, you can also examine security permissions, and find files with excessive access rights and permission hygiene issues.

Declutter your storage space effectively using our file analysis software.