Storage optimization starts with understanding what you store

  •   Manage ROT data
  •   Examine security permissions
  •   Optimize disk space usage

Manage ROT data

  • Find and eliminate redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data, and clean up file servers.
  • Receive alerts for storage policy violations, such as employees’ ownership of media files.
  • Eliminate duplicate files to reduce data discovery times drastically, and improve productivity.
  • Reduce the amount of additional paid storage you need by removing files that have no business value.
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Examine security permissions

  • Analyze effective permissions, and ensure employees have only the permissions they need for their work.
  • List NTFS and share permissions, and detect any exploitable vulnerabilities.
  • Identify instances of broken inheritance and other permission inconsistencies.
  • Find and secure overexposed files, and identify the owners of files allowing unrestricted access to users.
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Optimize disk space usage

  • Continuously monitor disk space consumption across your enterprise.
  • Report on the largest files along with their location, ownership details, and more. 
  • Track the yearly growth of your enterprise's file storage with visual analytics, and plan for future capacity needs.
  • Receive alerts when disk storage reaches critically low levels to ensure business continuity.
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Get quick insights with comprehensive file analysis software

Strengthen control over your unstructured data with a solution that provides insights and analytics
to help locate and delete junk files, enabling effective storage planning.

  • Analyze filesntfs permission change auditing
  • Manage ROT datashare permission auditing report
  • Analyze NTFS permissionseffective-permissions
  • Optimize disk space usageprivileged-user-access
Drill down into the details

Receive detailed reports on disk space availability, usage, storage density, and more.

Get key insights

View everything you need to understand your file storage. Get a useful breakdown of junk files and manage them according to your organization's needs.

analyze files
Store only what's valuable

Set up policies to delete ROT data across your disks. You can also choose to move unneccessary files to a secondary storage location.

manage ROT data
Know who owns which files

View file ownership details, and reclaim or transfer ownership of files owned by inactive, disabled, deleted, or expired users.

Run a tight ship

Analyze permission hygiene, easily spot overexposed files, and check if your data is well protected with the permissions analyzer. 

analyze NTFS permissions
Track yearly storage patterns

Keep an eye on the annual count of stale, duplicate, and non-business files, and ensure that they are within limits defined by your organization's storage policy.

Efficiently monitor storage

Track disk usage rates, receive alerts when available space falls to critically low levels, and see where space can be freed up.

optimize disk space

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