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    Storage analysis software

    Gain quick insight into the files stored in your enterprise with details on file type compositions, ownership, file size, and more.

    No more blind spots
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    Junk file finder

    Identify the number of stale, non-business, and duplicate files across your domain, assess their business need, if any, and manage them as required.

    Get the big picture
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    File storage analyzer

    Monitor the number of files created annually, the available storage space in your servers, and also configure alerts for low disk space.

    Compliance made easy
  • Monitor enterprise storage use

    Ensure that storage consumption by employees stays within the limits set by company policies with reports on file ownership and usage of storage volume.

  • Find redundant files

    Receive reports on files with multiple copies, with information on the number of duplicates and their locations. Delete the unnecessary copies and declutter your storage.

  • Track storage growth patterns

    Monitor the yearly growth of your enterprise's file storage with useful breakdowns of the number of files in each file type, and the number of non-business and trivial files.

  • Analyze file storage

    Keep a close eye on the available space in your disks and trigger alerts when it reaches a predefined limit to ensure fresh data has sufficient space.

Facilitate efficient storage reporting with a disk usage analyzer.