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    Track every file and folder change

    Gain a quick overview of every file change performed by users over a specified period, and filter the reports to focus on a particular user or file.

    No more blind spots
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    Monitor failed file accesses

    Detect early indicators of compromise by identifying and alerting administrators to multiple failed attempts to access critical files.

    Get the big picture
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    Customize alerts

    Identify events that are important to you by configuring alerts and defining a suitable response action.

    Compliance made easy
  • Real-time file monitoring

    Monitor Windows file servers, failover clusters, and workgroups, and receive reports with details about who accessed or copied what file, when, and from where.

  • Detect unusual user activity

    Configure environment-specific alerts to allow administrators to easily detect file access anomalies like users accessing critical files after business hours.

  • Automate incident response

    Limit the potential damage caused by an attack by using DataSecurity Plus to execute responses like terminating user sessions, shutting down ransomware-infected devices, etc.

  • Receive audit-ready reports

    Streamline regulatory compliance using detailed reports for file integrity monitoring, permissions auditing, failed file access attempts, and more.

Receive real-time, audit-ready reports on users' file activities with our file server auditing software.