Why do you need a file change monitoring tool?

  • Most regulations, including PCI DSS and HIPAA, recommend using file change detection software to track unauthorized modification of critical files.
  • To reduce the time-to-discovery of security incidents on your file servers, you have to monitor file changes in real time and see exactly who's changed what file, when, and from where.
  • However, no IT admin has time to analyze hundreds of logs manually. DataSecurity Plus does the hard work for you by auditing file changes and finding trends. It also generates detailed reports about every change made to your files and folders.

Key features of DataSecurity Plus

Detects file and folder changes instantly.


    84% of all data breaches are unintentional or inadvertent in nature

    - IAPP -

    197 days is the average time-to-discovery of data breaches

    - IBM Security -

    69 days is the average time needed to fully contain a data breach

    - Ponemon Institute -
  • Identifies variations in access trends

    Monitor all file modifications and permission changes on your file servers. Detect out of the ordinary events such as user activity during non-business hours.

  • Detects anomalous file activities.

    Get instant email alerts when anomalous user behavior occurs by customizing alert profiles. Set threshold limits that trigger alerts when there is unwanted activity, such as sudden spikes in the number of file modifications.

  • Tracks unintentional changes.

    Protect your servers from data loss by spotting unusual access trends. Track and reverse any change, even accidental changes, by viewing original and altered file names.

  • Analyzes historical audit logs.

    Identify the root cause of security incidents using past audit logs. Perform forensic investigations and generate concise reports as legal evidence.

Your entire file server environment in one glance.

DataSecurity Plus' centralized file change log offers clear insight into every activity happening in your file servers,
including accesses, creations, modifications, and deletions.

  • Track changes easily
  • Get detailed reports
  • Receive curated information
  • Monitor changes in old files
  • Customize reports
Choose your focus

Pull up graphs based on users, access events, or processes to focus on the changes that matter most to you.

Get the big picture.

View every change made to your files and folders. Get a clear overview of the number of events per access type.

create custom report for monitoring file changes
Find what you need, quickly.

See who did what, when, and from where. Filter logs to focus only on the information you need.

monitor all folder changes in windows file server
Follow the trail.

Never lose track of files. With reports that show old and new file names, you'll always know when files are moved or renamed, even if those changes were unintentional.

monitor files and folder activity
Track modifications in stale files.

Monitor old, unmodified files to learn when someone deletes or overwrites them.

Find when a file was last modified.

Check when a file was last updated to flag unusual accesses after extended periods of inactivity.

track last modified files in windows file server
Use filters to narrow down reports.

Keep a close eye on all your files, and an even closer one on critical objects. Customize reports to get information on changes made to specific files by particular users.


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Other features of DataSecurity Plus


Audit file and folder access.

Audit all access events to track who accessed what, when, and from where. Analyze access trends and gain key insights with graphical reports. Learn more


Analyze files and disk space.

Optimize storage space by isolating stale, large, hidden, or non-business files. Analyzing disk usage trends helps you figure out when it's time to free up space. Learn more


Monitor file integrity.

Thwart potential threats by monitoring file activity in real time. Identify the root cause of security incidents by performing forensic analysis on past audit logs. Learn more


Audit access rights.

Detect access exploitation by monitoring share and security permissions on your file servers. You can verify that users have only the permissions they're supposed to have. Learn more


Comply with regulations.

Avoid compliance-related penalities by continuously monitoring all file activities. Generate audit-ready reports for SOX, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA, GLBA, and the GDPR. Learn more


Accelerate incident response.

Configure real-time alerts for critical events, and automatically trigger scripts for quick, customized responses to security incidents. Learn more


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