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    Windows file server analyzer

    Get key insights on the presence of junk files in enterprise storage, manage them as required, and free up file space.

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    Detailed file server analysis reports

    Closely monitor file servers with reports on old, stale, duplicate, unmodified, large, hidden, and non-business files.

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    On-the-fly duplicate file management

    Free up server space by purging unnecessary copies of duplicate files right from the file space analyzer's UI.

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    Real-time storage alerts

    Configure alerts that remind admins to free up storage when available disk space falls below a preconfigured critical volume.

  • File server analyzer

    Analyze files across your Windows storage environment easily with detailed reports and useful breakdowns on the type, category, owner, and size of files stored.

  • Junk file management

    Locate duplicate files by comparing file names, sizes, and last modification times, and delete the unnecessary copies to free up primary storage.

  • File space analyzer

    Use informative graphs and charts to monitor file servers and track storage availability, disk usage trends, storage density, and more.

  • Storage use monitoring

    Receive reports on the volume of enterprise storage used by employees, and drill down further to identify users storing non-business and trivial files.

Analyze and report on file server storage with our file analysis software.