Restore Archived Events

Processed event log data older than what is required, can be archived and cleared from the working " database". This can be done using the Archive Configuration option of DataSecurity Plus. The processed event log data older than specified number of days are archived and cleared from the database. Archive Configuration helps to maintain an optimum size for the working Database, which helps in quicker reporting.

The "Restore Archived Events" can be used to restore archived event data, back to the working database.

Why is restoring of archived events required?

The restore archive events is an option primarily to address the need for audit information (reports) on older events. Older events that were processed by DataSecurity Plus and were cleared from the working database.

How are the older data archived?

As and when event log data are cleared from the database, they are zipped and stored in an "Archive folder". The "Archive Folder" is configured under "Archive settings" or can be the default archive folder of DataSecurity Plus. The Archive folder contains multiple zip files, each zip file will contain event information of a specific category within a time range.

Restoring Archived Events

To restore archived data for a range.

Once the event data is restored from the archive folder to the working database. You can select a custom date range for corresponding reports   under the "Reports" tab and view audit reports for them.

Re-archiving restored Archive events

All the restored archive events are listed with an unload icon against them. To re-archive the restored archive events

  Restored archive data older than 2 days(48 hours) in the database will be automatically re-archived.