on demand Webinar

ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus product demo

Presented by Pravin,Product expert
  • Date and Time

    Nov 23 at 8 AM EST | 1 PM GMT | 5 PM GST

  • Duration

    45 Mins

Why watch this webinar?

Witness first-hand how our data visibility and security solution DataSecurity Plus will help you discover, monitor, and protect the sensitive data in your environment.

Be a part of this live demo and learn how to:

  • Monitor file integrity and gain visibility into all file accesses and changes.
  • Detect and respond to potential ransomware attacks and anomalous file activities.
  • Locate and analyze personal data (PII, PCI, and ePHI) to meet the stringent requirements of various compliance mandates.
  • Get insights on who has what permission over your critical files and folders.
  • Minimize the attack surface by managing inactive and junk data.
  • Prevent sensitive data leaks via USBs, email, and more.


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