Why attend

Advanced cyberthreats and new data protection regulations have made data security more important than ever. As a security professional, one of your major concerns is ensuring that there's no unauthorized access or disclosure of personal data in your organization—this is big for things like the GDPR. Then, there's ransomware—every security professional's worst nightmare. If you're looking to achieve and maintain data confidentiality and integrity, you need to audit your file servers in real time. Auditing not only allows you to generate the reports you need for compliance audits, but it also helps you detect and shut down ransomware infections in real time.

Join us for our free webinar to learn about auditing and securing your file servers. You'll learn how to discover personal data, audit important activities such as file accesses and modifications, and set up alerts to detect and shut down attacks like ransomware in real-time. We'll also talk about DataSecurity Plus, our real-time data visibility and auditing solution.


  • Outlining a data security strategy
  • Discovering personal data stored in your environment
  • Monitoring accesses and modifications made to files/folders
  • Setting up alerts to detect ransomware infections in file servers
  • Doing it all with ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus