• File integrity monitoring

    Spot sudden spikes in file modifications, unexpected NTFS permission changes, ownership changes, and other anomalies in real time.

  • File access auditing

    Monitor accesses to local and shared folders, track commonly-accessed files, and detect accesses in non-business hours.

  • Permission analysis

    List NTFS and share permissions, analyze effective permissions, and ensure that users' assigned access rights are in line with their roles.

  • Ransomware response

    Detect ransomware indicators and stop the spread of malware in your network by quarantining infected machines and executing incident responses.

  • Disk usage analysis

    Optimize disk space in your servers by locating and managing stale, duplicate, and non-business files, and tracking their growth.

  • File change notifications

    Alert stakeholders about critical file changes in real time with alerts and mitigate damage from incidents by deploying customized responses to them.

  • Sensitive data discovery

    Locate and classify sensitive PII, PCI, and ePHI located across your storage environment to enable data security and compliance.

  • Data leak prevention

    Track file copy and paste actions, transfers to USB devices, printer activity, etc. In your endpoints and block users from exfiltrating sensitive data.

  • USB monitoring

    Monitor and granularly control Read, Write, and Execute actions in USB-connected devices to prevent data leakage via external storage devices.

  • Compliance reporting

    Ace compliance audits by maintaining and exporting detailed audit trails of file activities in regulated files.

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  • "We had a scare with ransomware and when a user was modifying, deleting thousands of files, we were able to use DataSecurity Plus to lock down who was doing it, what computer it was coming from and get it under control pretty quick. Definitely a lifesaver."

    - Victor Bonini

    System Administrator,



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