Datacenter & Server Performance Management

Solutions to monitor and optimize your Datacenter & Server Performance


Network and Data Center Infrastructure Management


  • Monitor & manage network for performance, traffic and configuration change
  • Monitor physical and virtual servers including VMware, Hyper-V, & Xen
  • Create realistic view of your data center and racks in 3D
  • Manage assets with CMDB plug-in
  • Receive instant alerts for faults via email and SMS

Applications Manager

Server and Application Performance Monitoring

Applications Manager

  • Discover application servers, servers databases, web services, transactions and cloud apps in your heterogeneous data center
  • Detect performance bottlenecks early, identify root cause quickly, and resolve issues proactively before they affect end users
  • Know exactly how your users experience your applications with the help of real user monitoring; Ensure an optimal user experience for your web applications
  • Get capacity planning and trending insights to help plan for business expansion

Website and Server Monitoring


  • Monitor end-user experience of your web applications and websites from 50+ locations worldwide
  • Displays public status pages for your APIs about your service
  • Monitor applications and web service performance from locations close to your customers
  • Complementary to ManageEngine Applications Manager, which monitors end-user experience from within the data center

Multi-Vendor Storage Management


  • Gain increased visibility with unified view of your storage environment
  • Multi-vendor storage area networks (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS) monitoring tool
  • NAS monitoring tool for devices like storage arrays, fabric switches, tape libraries, host servers and host bus adapter cards
  • Supports leading vendors like EMC, HP, Hitachi, IBM, Promise, Fibrenetix, Cisco, Brocade, Dell, ADIC, SUN, QLogic, Emulex, JNI and more

Customer Stories

  • I rely on OpManager for my every day IT information and monitoring.

    - Schmid Patrick

  • We get a "Bird's Eye" view on the status of our systems

    - Donald Green

  • The one tool to monitor your infrastructure that is cost effective.

    - Jared Wright