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Benefits of the Analytics Plus integration in Endpoint Central MSP

Manage your customers' perimeter-free work environment better, discover how integrating Endpoint Central MSP with Analytics Plus can give you a consolidated view of all your customers' endpoint devices in a single console, as well as provide insights to mitigate security gaps and protect your devices from external and internal threats.


Get insights straight out of the box.

Analytics Plus comes with prebuilt dashboards and reports that offer objective insights to secure your endpoint devices.

Unified security intelligence.

Blend data from other ManageEngine IT applications to get a unified view of your organization's security landscape.

Simplify analytics with AI.

Tired of creating reports manually? Switch to AI-assisted reporting with Zia, Analytics Plus' AI-assistant. Just Zia ask questions and get insights instantly.

Dynamically analyze data to uncover threats.

Slice-and-dice through endpoint data and visualize all possible threat models to identify imminent threats to your endpoint devices.

Predict and plan workload accurately.

Deliver accurate forecasts of workload, including devices that need to be enrolled and software that needs to be patched, and plan resource allocation accordingly.

Collaborate in real time.

Don't wait for review meetings! Start real-time conversations with collaborators over visuals using report commenting.

Customize visuals for faster analysis.

A highly flexible and intuitive report builder enables you to switch between visualizations smoothly and navigate through data effortlessly.

Find and share meaningful insights.

Collate relevant reports into layout-free dashboards and share meaningful findings with your team to aid smarter endpoint management decisions.

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