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Comprehensive endpoint management without any cost!


About the offer

Manage and monitor up to 250 endpoints for free for one year.



Exclusively available for the Enterprise edition of Endpoint Central MSP Cloud.


Eligibility criteria

This offer is available for accredited MSPs only.

How to avail the offer


Sign up for Endpoint Central MSP Cloud. Complete the registration form inside the product. Preview registration process ►


Our sales team will verify your eligibility within 7 working days.

License Activation

Once verified, enjoy your free 250 endpoints license for one year!

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Elevate your managed IT services to new heights with Endpoint Central MSP!


Patch Management


IT Asset Management


Automation & Scripting


Remote Control


Endpoint Security


Role-Based Access Control


Mobile Device Management


Service Desk & Ticketing Integration

“ With Endpoint Central MSP, ManageEngine has enabled us to manage multiple customers and their numerous endpoints with only a small IT team. ”

Per Bendixen,senior IT consultant, RelateIT.

Endpoint Central MSP special offer - Terms and Conditions

Offer Details

  • Each MSP domain can utilize a free license for 250 endpoints and one default technician, valid for one year from the date of license generation.
  • This offer is applicable exclusively for the Enterprise edition of Endpoint Central MSP Cloud.
  • This offer is limited to one use per domain.

Eligibility Criteria

  • This offer is exclusively available for accredited MSPs. MSP status will be verified by ManageEngine team. The MSP status profiling will be performed based on the organization's:
    • LinkedIn profile
    • Website domain profiling
    • Website content: Specifically the "About us" or another webpage where the organization and its services are detailed.
    • Evidence submitted by a customer about its ability to manage one or more of its clients leveraging the MSP's services. (The evidence document must be linked to the MSP's website/domain).
  • After registration, our sales team will verify eligibility within 7 working days and notify registrants via the registered email.

Additional licenses

  • This offer cannot be combined with other additional licenses or component purchases, except for the multi-language pack add-on.
  • Additional endpoint or technician licenses can be purchased at any time during or after the offer period. Purchasing during the offer period will terminate the offer, and billing will be generated for all endpoint and technician counts.

To Avail This Offer

  • Sign up for Endpoint Central MSP Cloud and complete registration through the form inside the product.
By participating in this offer, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. ManageEngine reserves the right to offer this free license based on the eligibility criteria and also to modify or terminate this offer at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions about this offer

Offer Details


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Who is eligible for this special offer?


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How can I avail the free license?


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Whom should I contact for additional inquiries or concerns?

Eligibility Criteria


Who is eligible to avail this offer?

Licensing Calculation


Can I purchase additional licenses beyond the free allocation?


Is the multi-language pack add-on available with this offer?

Product Support


What level of product support is provided with this offer?

Migration Support for Endpoint Central MSP On-premise Customers


Is migration support available for on-premise customers who wish to switch to the cloud version?


Is there a guide to migrate agents from Endpoint Central MSP on-premise to cloud?

This exclusive offer is subject to verification of eligibility.

It's a limited-time opportunity that comes with specific terms and conditions.

We encourage you to review the terms and conditions before availing of this offer.

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