Desktop Central Mobile App

Being a MSP requires you to be agile and on your feet all the time. Hence we've brought you Desktop Central MSP android app through which you can now start managing your desktops and servers from anywhere, any time, and perform activities such as installing agent on a new computer, to retiring computers from the network. Desktop Central MSP's mobile app, can be used to manage Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.


Install or uninstall agents

With just a click you can install or remove the Desktop Central agent from Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.  Learn more.

Scan computers on the go

We bring you the power to initiate scan any and all computers which you're managing and fetch details instantly anywhere, anytime through our app.  Learn more.

Fetch up-to-date software details

Collecting details of installed software on managed computers has never been this easy. Get all the data right on your smartphone's screen. Learn more.

Collect hardware details

Get up-to-date computer details based on the manufacturer, device type, age and more. You can also view indepth hardware inventory such as RAM, ROM, HDD, etc. Learn more.

Manage prohibited software

Now you can prohibit software right from your smartphone. Use the app to scan and identify computers with prohibited software and uninstall it automatically. Learn more.

Add or remove computers from the network

Add new computers to manage or remove them if they've completed their lifecycle using our app's Scope of Management (SoM) functionality.  Learn more.

Automate patch management

Automate all your patching activities for Windows, Mac, Linux, and 3rd party applications.Learn more.

Advance Remote Control

Increase your MSP's efficiency by initiating remote sessions and troubleshooting computers right from your smartphone's screen. Learn more.

Desktop Central Mobile App

You can download the Desktop Central mobile app from the Play Store or scan the QR code provided below. Desktop Central's mobile app is currently available for android devices only. Access to the contents in the mobile app, is determined by the role and permissions for every user. For example, if a user has read only role in Desktop Central, his access using the app will remain the same.

Installing the Desktop Central Mobile App

Download the mobile app by searching for "ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP" in the play store or by scanning the QR code provided below. After downloading the app, you can access it by providing the details of your Desktop Central server. You will have to use the same login credentials to login to the mobile app. 



Key Benefits

  • Manage your desktops & servers 24/7.
  • Resolve critical business needs away from your desk.
  • Work from anywhere, any time.
  • Eliminate down time by closing help desk tickets faster.