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Why WebNMS

WebNMS is a platform to build network management solutions at very low costs and quick implementation time. Unlike traditional management frameworks based on legacy technology and proprietary development methodologies, Web NMS is based on recent open standards inlcuding Web Services and J2EE technologies. This makes Web NMS solutions less expensive to license, as well as much faster and less expensive for each implementation. More

WebNMS Architecture and Features

WebNMS is architected to support varying deployment needs ranging from a single server to multi server deployment. More

Custom Capabilities of Web NMS

WebNMS is a proven, standards-based, highly extensible framework with a strong set of applications for delivering Element Management System (EMS) and Network Management System (NMS) solutions. It includes comprehensive mediation capabilities, with a broad set of northbound OSS interfaces, and a powerful set of development tools. As a mature and widely deployed product it helps deliver better management solutions with lower effort, time, cost, and risk. More

SNMP Agent Toolkit Java Edition

Overview of Web NMS Agent Toolkit Java Edition

To collect management information from device or application, you need an interface called agent to communicate to them and retrieve information. At situations of large networks, managing devices or applications and retrieving information becomes complex. The WebNMS Agent toolkit generates the agent framework that is capable of managing any number of devices or applications in the network. More

Porting WebNMS SNMP Agent in J2ME CDC Environment

J2ME has the promise of being the platform of choice for developing new killer wireless applications, may they be games, productivity tools or stay-in-touch applications. J2ME is designed for device manufacturers, wireless operators, low-memory applications developers etc., because it is the platform for devices with limited memory, display, and processing power. More

SNMP Agent Toolkit C Edition

System and Device Management using SNMP Agent Toolkit C Edition

Most of the management systems are built from top to bottom using SNMP, TL1, HTTP or CLI. They leverage the specific facilities offered by the selected management protocol. For example, OEM vendors are keen at SNMP for their management needs. More

How to Implement SNMP Proxy Using SNMP Agent Toolkit C Edition

In original model of SNMP Management, it is a monolithic Agent that used to carry out all the management responsibilities on a given network element (node). This solution was not flexible enough to provide an effective management of increasingly complex and distributed systems. In addition to the Agents typically provided by computer manufacturers for hardware and operating system information, other software vendors for SQL, Application servers, etc, also produce Agents.