The ten commandments of peripheral device security

Data transfer, or in simpler terms, communication, plays a crucial role in advancing humanity. From the era of homing pigeons to the age of USB devices, our communication methods have evolved significantly. However, despite these advancements, the risks associated with data transfer remain ever-present. Just as predators pose a threat to homing pigeons, unauthorized individuals or malicious actors can compromise USB devices and potentially leak your enterprise's sensitive data.

Regardless of the data transfer medium, the risks remain undeniable. However, imposing a blanket ban on peripheral devices is not a practical solution. Instead, the key lies in formulating robust peripheral device control strategies that align with your enterprise's needs. This way, you can mitigate the risks, while continuing to harness the benefits of peripheral devices.

In this ebook, learn how you can save:

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    Discover the ten commandments: The essential rules you must follow to achieve optimal peripheral device security for your enterprise.

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    Learn how these commandments can assist in achieving peripheral device security without compromising user productivity. Additionally, find out about simpler ways to incorporate these commandments into your enterprise.

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