Extend device control capabilities to your remote work environments with our device and data security essentials.

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  • The engine that drives data protection.

    Gain Full Control!
    • Discover Identify the entry of all devices.
    • Authorize Provide secure and exclusive access.
    • Protect Proactively prevent malware attacks.
    • Monitor Analyze device and user behavior.
    • Assign Role based access control for devices.

DLP Device Control Software

With any removable device such as USB, data theft is a one-step process: plug it in.
ManageEngine Device Control Plus is a comprehensive data leakage prevention solution that allows you to control, block and monitor USB and peripheral devices from having unauthorized access to your sensitive data.

  • Bid goodbye to insider attacks.
  • Absolutely zero data loss.
  • Save your security budget.

Best DLP solution for every stage of device control.

Safeguard data from intruders.

Crack down on devices with excessive access privileges.

Set read-only access, block copying of files from removable devices, and do more with our simple policies designed to get you started right away.

Uninterrupted device control.

Automatically keep tabs on unprecedented data transfers.

Ensure on-time data protection and allow limited data transfer by setting restrictions to file size and file type based on the data your business handles.

Eliminate data loss forever.

Control devices with Zero trust approach.

Identifying and blocking malicious devices is tedious. Instead, create a trusted device list which ensures no device, unless authorized, can ever gain access to your endpoints.

Right access, right time.

Get your work done with third-party devices instantly.

Whether the device is inside your network perimeter or not, instantly grant temporary access for a specific amount of time to avoid hurting employee’ productivity.

Control with no expertise.

True DLP starts with device control.

Device Control Plus's expertly curated dashboards, strict device control policies and clear-cut audits demand absolutely no training.

Monitor hack attempts.

The DLP that can spot malicious insider activity.

Know who is using what device on which endpoint with clear-cut audits and reports, and receive instant alerts in case of unauthorized access.

  •  Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software - ManageEngine Device Control Plus

    90% of the organizations feel vulnerable to insider threats via removable media. You could be one among them. Enforce our robust Data Loss Prevention software today!

  • Device control software - ManageEngine Device Control Plus

    Data at risk! - Restrict unnecessary movement, deletion or modification of data. Know what actions are performed with your data with our DLP Device Control software.

  •  DLP software for removable devices - ManageEngine Device Control Plus

    Implement our comprehensive Device Control software, glance through your dashboard to spot and remediate unauthorized actions.

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Authorize, Authenticate and Audit devices with all new Device Control Plus.

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