After successful installation, the first thing you do is to determine the target computers which needs to be managed. Scope of Management is the section in Device control Plus, which allows you to add and remove computers for management purpose. You can manage all the computers which are within the local office and remote locations. Adding all the computers manually is a tiring task, so you can configure your active directory settings, so that the Device control Plus server will automatically fetch details of the computers that are added/removed from the active directory.

Once you add the computers to the scope of management, you will have to install agents on the computers, which needs to be managed. Agent is a light weight component installed on the computers, which interacts with the Device control Plus server once in every 30 minutes. This 30 minute interval is called as refresh interval.

The following links will explain the steps in detail:

  1. Adding Domain/Workgroup
  2. Managing computers in LAN
  3. Managing roaming users