Prevent data loss with Device Control Plus' file transfer restriction.

How can you prevent data loss with Device Control Plus?

Employees tend to carry their work files home for their convenience, but how certain are you that they're handling it with the utmost care? Unlike regular file transfers, Device Control Plus manages every transfer based on the specified file size and file types. In the console, you can navigate to Policies > Create new. Then you can select a device type and start configuring your data transfer restrictions under File Access Settings. You'll be able to leverage the following capabilities:

Allow file transfer based on file size.

As your business grows, so does your data. With such abundant data contained in your systems, it's paramount to set boundaries on data transfers. Set the maximum size up to which files can be transferred; in doing this, you can prevent unprecedented data loss as the user cannot create files larger than the set limit or transfer them on connected removable storage devices. The end user will be notified of their denied access if they attempt to perform such actions.

Limit file transfers based on file type.

How do you know if a disgruntled employee is trying to copy some business sensitive EXEs, BAT files, or XMLs for his gain? Device Control Plus' file transfer restriction allows you to decide which files can be transferred and which ones should be locked down.

Set the file extensions that can be transferred.

Depending on the business and the type of data you handle, you can indicate which extensions you feel are safe to transfer in just a few clicks.

Proactively monitor actions performed on your files.

Every time a device tries to access your files, such as copying an unauthorized file or transferring data larger than the set limit, their action gets updated. Looking at the dashboard can give you an understanding of the active file extensions that are transferred frequently. Use this information to determine every action on your files.

What is data loss prevention?

Data loss prevention (DLP) is the practice of protecting your data from falling into the wrong hands. The major problem with data transfer these days is leaving a large amount of data vulnerable to unauthorized transfers. By setting up adequate security boundaries, you can control the movement of data across your network. Because your data is highly valuable, you need to focus on allowing only relevant and limited transfers with the help of a device control solution. Device Control Plus is a robust file transfer management, DLP solution that curbs unnecessary data transfers, thus eliminating data loss and data theft.

 To curb unprecedented data loss with strict file transfer restrictions today, download a 30 day, free trial of Device Control Plus, and try out these features for yourself!