USB Control

How to control USB devices in your organization?

Device Control Plus is a meticulous USB device control software that manages all USB and peripheral devices within your network. It also aids admins in regulating the various device access permissions pertaining to to each computer by deploying and enforcing strict device and file access policies, even while offline. This drastically reduces the point of exfiltration and the chances of data loss and theft. Below are just a few features that Device Control Plus offers.

USB device control - ManageEngine Device Control Plus

Key features of Device Control Plus

Centrally enforce strict device access policies.

Classify the type of access level a device can have based on the device's roles, tasks, and whom it belongs to. Create device access policies to block USB ports, and set read-only permission or both read and write permission. You can deploy these policies to devices either inside or outside the network without having to physically connect them to your computer.

Detect and alert in the event of unauthorized access

Device Control Plus, an enterprise USB management software, continuously monitors all device and file usage activities. Whenever there is an occurrence of unauthorized device connection, you will receive an alert on the details of blocked devices. You will also receive reports on every device and file activity to the configured email address.

Respond to alerts

By viewing the reports, you can monitor who is using what device on which endpoint, which files are going in and out, and what level of access needs to be rendered to an employee based on their behavioral pattern.

Supported USB devices

Data within networks are constantly transferred through various devices. From prompt detection to comprehensive monitoring, Device Control Plus, a USB lockdown software, is capable of supporting up to 18 types of USB devices which include:

  1. Removable Storage Devices
  2. Keyboards
  3. Mouses
  4. Bluetooth Devices
  5. Windows Portable Devices
  6. Apple Devices
  7. Printers
  8. CD-ROM
  9. Imaging Devices
  10. Infrared
  11. Modems
  12. Biometric Equipment
  13. SmartCard Reader
  14. Tape Drive
  16. Serial Ports (COM)
  17. Parallel Ports (LPT)
  18. Wireless Network Adapters

Summary of USB device control and how your organization can benefit.

What is USB device control?

USB device control is the technique of controlling USB and removable media devices to prevent the entry of malware into your PC and other devices. It can either be done manually or in a significantly more efficient fashion using a USB port control software. Controlling USB devices helps prevent threats via unauthorized peripherals and removable storage. Controlling these USB devices also helps prevent users from installing malicious USB and peripheral devices.

Why do I need a USB access control software?

USBs are an indispensable part of our daily business operations. Since USB devices are capable of spoofing, it's hard to identify their intent. For instance, when an employee plugs in a random pen drive into the USB port, it's likely that they won't give a second thought about possible consequences like USB malware. Windows computers are, by nature, plug and play (PnP) friendly, leaving them easily prone to USB malware infections. Since all the device connections are established via physical ports, a versatile USB port control software becomes essential to implement USB port control. Utilizing a diligent and precise USB device control software will help you keep all the USB malware away from your computer. 

A USB device control software is used predominantly to achieve the following

  • Control USB devices
  • Control USB device access to computers
  • Control and manage USB port access
  • Prevent data loss and system infection
  • Prevention against BadUSB attacks

Prevent data loss with Device Control Plus

Data is a valuable corporate asset and must be protected. Since USB and peripheral devices are vulnerable to carrying malware in them, they could infect your computers, too. Being a sound USB management software, Device Control Plus enables you to protect your confidential data from USB devices that may otherwise modify, delete, or steal it. Additionally, allowing access to only authorized devices significantly reduces the risks of USB malware, data theft, and loss.

A multifaceted device control solution like Device Control Plus, which is an effective USB port management software, can reduce your operational costs, lower your security budget, and make adhering to compliance regulations a breeze. Download a free 30-day trial of Device Control Plus and try out these features today!