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Empower your institution to help students reach their full potential

Empower your institution to help students reach their full potential

Educational institutions are increasing their adoption of digital technologies to facilitate new approaches to learning, collaboration, research, and teaching. They are using virtual and augmented reality learning models to facilitate an immersive experience and improve learning outcomes.

To deliver inclusive and impactful education, institutions leverage AI and ML technologies, automation, analytics, and hybrid cloud infrastructures to:

  • Enable hybrid, flexible learning models.
    Enable hybrid, flexible learning models.
  • Ensure availability and accessibility of online resources.
    Ensure availability and accessibility of online resources.
  • Streamline IT operations.
    Streamline IT operations.
  • Improve student engagement and collaboration.
    Improve student engagement and collaboration.
  • Protect personal data of students and faculty.
    Protect personal data of students and faculty.
  • Personalize the learning experience.
    Personalize the learning experience.

Foster a secure, resilient, and creative learning ecosystem

Transform the student experience

Reimagine the student journey from enrolment to graduation by anticipating service requests and automating digital workflows. Optimize daily IT operations to support students and their varied service needs.

Deliver an enhanced experience and improve IT efficiency by empowering students with self-service capabilities to resolve password-related issues on their own and reduce dependencies on IT administrators.

Automate the creation of new student accounts in Active Directory and implement multi-factor authentication and single sign-on for secure access to course resources, schedules, web portals, and more.

Deliver seamless experiences Simplify access management

Transform the student experience

Secure the campus

The attack surface of institutions increases exponentially with the number of network-connected devices brought into campus by students and faculty. Enforce standard BYOD policies, blocklist applications, and schedule security patches for campus endpoints.

Educational institutions store the personal data of students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as keep valuable research data. Prevent data theft by insiders with UEBA analytics and safeguard data from security breaches and ransomware attacks by leveraging SIEM solutions.

Meet compliance with regulatory mandates, such as FERPA, GLBA, the GDPR, and more, with predefined report templates.

Secure devices within campus Secure your network

Secure the campu

Move beyond physical places

Enable hybrid and hybrid-flexible learning models by extending teaching spaces beyond traditional classrooms and fixed hours to deliver education virtually. Establish remote learning by ensuring the uninterrupted availability of student and faculty portals and online resources.

Optimize the remote learning experience of students by ensuring the uptime of networks and applications. Monitor the performance of servers, databases, and multi-cloud infrastructures in real time and resolve outages quickly.

Keep students and faculty updated on the status of planned maintenance, downtime, and outages of online portals and resources.

Foster remote learning Ensure a seamless experience Communicate outages transparently

Move beyond physical places

Ensure 24/7 availability of campus IT infrastructure

Handle heavy traffic and ensure uptime during enrollment, virtual classes, assignment submissions, online examinations, and more by load sharing with in-house or cloud servers.

Predict campus infrastructure issues by analyzing historical trends of networks, servers, and applications and troubleshoot their root causes. Schedule periodic maintenance to eliminate downtime.

Gain visibility into resource utilization, wastage, and overuse, and get actionable insights to optimize your IT budget.

Ensure all-around availability with AIOps

Ensure 24/7 availability of campus IT infrastructure

Build a smarter campus

Build custom web portals and mobile applications quickly to meet the requirements of students and faculty for purposes like administrative operations, attendance tracking, grading systems, communications, and more.

Personalize the learning experience of students and improve student success by analyzing learning progress data, and leverage AI and ML technologies to uncover trends and identify insights into effective courses and content formats.

Improve student outcomes through personalized educational course recommendations from our integrated AI chatbot, Zia.

Build custom apps faster Deliver tailored learning experiences Get course recommendations

Build a smarter campus

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