Over the years, higher education has witnessed some amazing technological innovations, including remote learning, VR and AR labs, IoT, and so on. With technology taking the higher education sector by storm, institutions are expected to bring students' ideas to life with high reliance on their technology infrastructure, to support learning channels, and foster research and collaboration.

On the flip side, IT departments in such technology-driven campuses face mounting challenges in terms of staying on top of an ever-changing technological landscape. Some of these pain points are:

  • Managing, tracking, updating, and securing campus assets, open networks, and devices from security incidents.
  • Providing and administering role-based access to student and faculty records, learning channels, curriculum, and institution data.
  • Ensuring high uptime and availability of campus networks, internal learning portals, and critical applications for uninterrupted learning.
  • Enforcing protocols to whitelist learning websites and forums while restricting access to social media, entertainment, news, and so on.

Advanced solutions to
optimize your campus IT infrastructure

Our comprehensive on-premises and cloud IT management solutions for education industry will enable you to take complete control of your IT infrastructure and services, both on-campus and remote, to foster a highly secure and connected ecosystem for learning.

Curriculum, faculty and student record, and access management

Educational institutions leverage Active Directory to manage student, faculty, curriculum and staff accounts. In addition, they will need to provide role-based access to faculty, curriculum, and batch records to privileged staff. All of this intricate account provisioning, management, and de-provisioning has to be implemented in the shortest possible time.

Robust solutions for your identity management challenges

ManageEngine offers integrated IT solutions for higher education which helps manage user, student, and faculty records. Educational institutions can govern access, enforce security, and ensure compliance. Benefits include:

  • Automated one-step account creation for new students in Active Directory, Microsoft 365, Exchange, G Suite, and Skype for Business
  • Update file server permissions, group memberships, and contact attributes, so students and staff can access their batch and course-based materials on demand
  • Identify inactive user accounts, and disable the accounts of students who have discontinued a course or taken a sabbatical
  • Bulk reset for forgotten or expired student passwords
  • Clean up the accounts and associated data of the outgoing batches
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Identity management with ManageEngine's higher education IT solutions
Campus help desk and asset management - ManageEngine

Campus help desk and asset management

Semester after semester, there is a high influx of students, which means a growing number of support issues, newer sets of SLAs, problems, and changes, with each group of end users having its own set of varied requirements. IT teams will have to ensure swift resolution of incidents, periodic auditing, and management of assets distributed across schools and campuses.

Smart enterprise service management solutions for higher education

From troubleshooting major incidents and fulfilling student and faculty requests to streamlining service workflows, ManageEngine's enterprise service management solutions will have your IT help desk covered on all fronts.

  • Provide students, faculty, and alumni with a central touch point for accessing campus services, announcements, information, and more
  • Audit, synchronize, and manage scattered assets and help desks from a single console
  • Create custom workflows to fulfill service requests, automate mundane tasks, manage changes, and roll out releases seamlessly
  • Empower students and staff with an integrated self-service portal to effectively prioritize and focus on more crucial tasks
  • Integrate network alerts, device management, and user portals with your service desk to get a granular view of all your daily IT operations
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Campus endpoint management and security

Adoption of innovations such as VR labs, augmented reality, and smart classes require a variety of endpoints, including smartphones, tablets, servers, desktops, and so on. Thus, IT departments are burdened with the challenge of managing, updating, and securing the wide array of campus endpoints for which manual maintenance is not only cumbersome, but also expensive.

Unified endpoint management solutions for pervasive learning

ManageEngine's comprehensive IT solutions for education industry helps manage, update, and secure all campus endpoints from a central console, thereby helping IT technicians:

  • Remotely control and troubleshoot systems, and install software applications, such as CAD, MATLAB, and Microsoft Excel in bulk from a central point
  • Enforce standard student BYOD policies and usage, restrict USB and external hardware usage, and blacklist applications
  • Ensure periodic and timely patch deployment across multiple campus endpoints including legacy systems, and stay ahead of threats
  • Reduce the bandwidth and power consumption by providing multiple effective settings
  • Reduce manual work significantly by automating and streamlining routine management tasks
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UEM in higher education IT solutions - ManageEngine
IT management solutions for educational institutions - ManageEngine

Campus network and application performance management

While educational institutions endeavor to make research and learning pervasive, the onus inevitably falls on the campus IT teams to preempt unplanned outages and network downtime, and optimize the user experience for their institutional website and intranet portal users. IT teams will have to ensure high uptime and availability of learning and assessment portals to deliver uninterrupted learning experience.

Real-time solutions for campus networks and applications

ManageEngine's network and application management solutions enables IT admins to ensure high availability of networks and applications with zero downtime. Benefits include:

  • A single console to monitor network configuration changes, compliance, and user activity
  • Monitor application performance, servers, databases, and the cloud with performance diagnostics
  • Control, monitor, and block USB and peripheral devices from having unauthorized access to sensitive data
  • AIOps for effective prevention of downtime, unplanned outages, and congestion
  • Bandwidth management for critical submissions and admission deadlines
  • Block student access to blacklisted websites and applications as per campus policy
  • Monitor learning portals, intranet, websites, and the user experience in real-time
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Campus network, data, and device security

Open networks, vast amounts of data and records, and the sheer amount of intellectual properties, such as patents and research reports present an additional responsibility for campus IT experts to maintain the privacy of students and staff, and provide granular levels of security to protect their systems from insider and outsider threats.

Proactive solutions to secure campus IT

ManageEngine security solutions provide actionable insights to preempt, identify, and mitigate cyberattacks and secure privileged user access in real time, all while ensuring safety, reporting on, and compliance with regulatory or internal mandates at once. Our IT security management solutions include:

  • User logon activity auditing to prevent misuse
  • A secure vault to store and manage admin, student, and staff credentials
  • Self-service password management with password reset and change options for students and staff
  • Flow-based network monitoring to monitor students' internet usage, VPNs, and firewalls
  • Integrated tool to audit user logon activity and prevent misuse
  • SSH key, SSL certificate, and privileged user management solutions
  • Comprehensive SIEM solution to collect, analyze, report on, and archive logs from a central location
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Proactive solutions to secure campus IT - ManageEngine
IT analytics with higher-education IT solutions - ManageEngine

Intelligent IT analytics

In order to make informed IT decisions, it's important for IT teams to have data sets from multiple facets of IT, and make meaningful correlations from vast amounts of data to gain actionable insights.

ManageEngine's advanced self-service analytics solution will help you connect the dots, and make smart IT decisions on the move.


  • Data visualization and business intelligence for IT
  • Hundreds of built-in reports and dashboards
  • Instant, flexible report creation
  • Out-of-the-box support for multiple data sources
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Advanced solutions to foster remote learning

With the online learning landscape widening at an exponential pace, educational institutions will need to promise uninterrupted availability of learning portals, faculty, and resources to their students and staff. Further, they are expected to bring students' ideas to life with high reliance on cloud-ready secure learning channels to enhance research and collaboration.

ManageEngine offers a wide range of IT solutions for higher education that can help your IT adapt seamlessly to the growing trend of remote learning while sustaining student-faculty collaboration.

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