A beginner's guide to the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) Cyber Security Framework

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Concerned about the cybersecurity of financial institutions like banks and insurance companies, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) introduced a framework in May 2017 to improve the security of financial organizations. This framework is continuously monitored and redefined as per the latest security demands and trends. The SAMA Cyber Security Framework is inspired by the European Payment Services Directive, which is based on strong customer authentication services.

Among financial institutions regulated by SAMA, implementation of this framework is mandatory to ensure a common process is in place to combat evolving cyberthreats.

This e-book will facilitate a basic understanding of the SAMA Cyber Security Framework and help financial entities comprehend, analyze, design, and implement the framework to ensure robust security against unanticipated threats.

If your organization is operating in Saudi Arabia and is a financial body, please Download this e-book to ensure your organization is keeping up with the latest SAMA framework structure and principles, and learn how you can do it efficiently with ManageEngine.