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About this webinar

When it comes to cyberthreats, a proactive approach is better than a reactive one.
Studies by IBM and PurpleSec state that cybercrime has increased by 600%, and the average cost of data breaches is up by $137,000 during the pandemic. With this growing influx of new threat actors and the evolving work environment, it is time to graduate from traditional and reactive security measures.

This is where advanced threat protection comes in. Using the prebuilt, insightful reports generated by integrating Endpoint Central with ManageEngine Analytics Plus, you can implement advanced threat protection for your organization in a few simple steps, and fortify your security perimeter.


  • Achieve real-time visibility across all endpoints: The initial step in achieving advanced threat protection is to gain complete visibility into every endpoint. This can be accomplished using the Endpoint inventory dashboard in Analytics Plus.
  • Mitigate endpoint security gaps: Leverage analytics to discover vulnerable endpoint devices in your environment.
  • Prioritize and address business-critical vulnerabilities: Identify and fortify vulnerable endpoints that can potentially disrupt your business using Analytics Plus' out-of-the-box reports.
  • Disrupt any malicious activity within your environment: With behavior analytics, you can detect malicious activities which, if left unchecked, can result in critical security breaches.
  • Prevent advanced threats from progressing: Despite best efforts, some malicious threat actors may breach your security perimeter. Using AI-driven analytics, Analytics Plus enables you to take immediate action, and interrupt the life cycle of the attack.
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